Repairing San Sebastian from the inside out

Repairing San Sebastian from the inside out

By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman, Reporter

DESPITE ITS AGE, San Sebastian Church is more than strong enough to withstand the Big One — the magnitude seven earthquake that scientists say will hit Metro Manila and neighboring provinces sometime in our lifetime. But while it is sturdy, it is also rusty. The only steel church in the country is in a state of decay: it has more than 300 leaks and its facade and interiors are rusting. And to the horror of its current restoration team, it found that denim jeans and newspapers had been wedged in between joints in an attempt to stop the leaks.

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Magical realism for Nido

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Nanette Franco-Diyco

MAGICAL REALISM was what Joel Limchoc attained in his recent directorial work on a Nido Fortigrow TV commercial. The ad, released by Nestlé and Publicis Manila, was principally intended for the days surrounding Mothers’ Day. It’s now in social media — sans the Mother’s Day greeting — but still portrays all the sweetness of a mother determined to support her son in his creative play.

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