Emasculating the lens

Text and photos by Muloy Luib

I knew I needed to learn from seasoned female photographers when I decided to focus on beauty and fashion-inspired portraiture. I turned to fashion and beauty photographers Sara Black and Pilar Trigo Bonnin who top the list of photographers who have informed the way I look at female beauty as a photographer. I attended their photography workshops the first year I got a bit too serious about photography as a weekend hobby.

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Art in the time of selfies

Art in the time of selfies

By Camille Anne M. Arcilla

This year’s edition of Art Fair Philippines drew about 40,000 visitors to the Makati car park it was held in, which could be a good indication that the art scene is indeed booming in the country. While it is a positive development, some artists and art enthusiasts are skeptical about why the number of art fair attendees is growing every year — they believe that most people attend the art fair (and visit galleries) to scout for potential backdrops for “selfies.”

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K-12: Transition and Transformation

K-12: Transition and Transformation

By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman

Progressive education reform is good, but it does not follow that the transition will be smooth. While adding two more years to the country’s traditional education system was done in good faith, there has been a seemingly unforeseen glitch in the K-12 system: the temporary closing of some college courses as an effect of the junior-senior high school transition period.

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