Hotels worth booking for the workout

Hotels worth booking for the workout

THE ETHOS that guides those who are permanently fit — other than staying permanently fit — is that working out is a luxury, not a chore. High-end hotels have started applying that philosophy in a literal way, with unique training regimens that allow you to train with shamans on the Adriatic Sea or prepare like an extra in 300 at a minimalist Miami Beach lodge. It seems the more exotic the location and the stranger the amenity, the bigger the adrenaline charge. Here are five spots where fitness junkies can take a break from vacation.

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How to survive the longest flight in the world

EARLY LAST MONTH, Qatar Airways took the prize for longest airline route when it debuted its 17-hour, 30-minute flight between Auckland and Doha. Not to be outdone, Qantas has announced plans to begin flying a 9,000-mile nonstop between Perth and London in 2018, and Singapore is eyeing a relaunch of its nonstop Newark-Singapore route, which will take just under 19 hours. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

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