Summer billboards that appeal to Millennials

Ads & Ends
Nanette Franco-Diyco

Before the long Holy Week holiday of descended on us, I sadistically instructed the 49 students in my advertising class at the Ateneo to go around the metropolis and photograph what billboards truly stood out as the most striking and appealing to each of them. At the very beginning of the semester, they had been grouped into six workshop teams named after advertising agencies, and had been competing with one another and pitching for ad jobs “here and there and everywhere.”

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Pretty brochures; pretty useless!

Getting The Edge In Professional Selling
Terence A. Hockenhull

Last month, I conducted a review of our sales collaterals. 2016 saw us give away umbrellas, coffee mugs, insulated drinks bags, and calendars. Nothing very sophisticated; nothing particularly expensive. Notwithstanding, these freebies are an important part of marketing. Looking at printing charges for 2016, we ran through a couple of thousand brochures and flyers. Although my sales team equip themselves with a handful of flyers each time they go out to see their clients, most of the time we hand these out at exhibitions.

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