Pinoy ‘supershoppers’

Pinoy ‘supershoppers’

By Zsarlene B. Chua GOOGLE Philippines recently revealed a study how mobile devices — tablets, phablets, phones, etc. — affect the Filipino consumer behavior and turn them into “supershoppers,” or shoppers who’ve done their research and are therefore more informed and efficient. Paris-based global market research and consulting firm IPSOS conducted the “Micro-moments” survey during the first half of the year which covered the entire … Continue reading Pinoy ‘supershoppers’

Google and Facebook killed free media with ad domination

By Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Gadfly

WHEN SURFING the Web or your favorite apps, it’s hard not to notice the nudges to pony up for a subscription to Spotify, the local newspaper or Hulu. The nagging demonstrates how companies in the business of TV, journalism and music are breaking up with advertising, which has been much of the media industry’s best friend for decades.

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