Using the telephone to sell

Using the telephone to sell

Getting The Edge In Professional Selling
Terence A. Hockenhull

THE TELEPHONE can be effectively used to support a sale; but its effectiveness in conducting a “full sale” is debatable. If the product is a well-known brand, sold at a very low price, or the customer is simply ordering or reordering a consumable, it can save an enormous amount of time and energy, negating the need for a face-to-face sales meeting. In all other cases, the salesperson will have to discuss the product (or service) in detail and this will almost certainly entail a sales presentation or meeting.

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Making every Juan fly

By Michael Angelo S. Murillo

PRIDING ITSELF WITH having made air travel more accessible, Cebu Pacific has continuously come up with activities and programs to communicate that flying is for everyone. Recently, the country’s largest carrier held the sixth edition of its “Juan for Fun Backpacking Challenge” that had participants going on a seven-day race across the country. Continue reading “Making every Juan fly”