Using the telephone to sell

Using the telephone to sell

Getting The Edge In Professional Selling
Terence A. Hockenhull

THE TELEPHONE can be effectively used to support a sale; but its effectiveness in conducting a “full sale” is debatable. If the product is a well-known brand, sold at a very low price, or the customer is simply ordering or reordering a consumable, it can save an enormous amount of time and energy, negating the need for a face-to-face sales meeting. In all other cases, the salesperson will have to discuss the product (or service) in detail and this will almost certainly entail a sales presentation or meeting.

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Answering the phone

Getting the edge in professional selling
Terence A. Hockenhull

SORRY BUT IS IT just me who gets annoyed with companies that cannot answer their phones in a timely manner and perhaps worse, allow incompetent people to pick up calls from customers? We are in the process of moving office. One of the services we have to look at is moving our PABX to the new offices in Alabang. It would appear that the company we purchased the system from a couple of years ago are now running their business from a house; I could hear a cockerel crowing in the background, a baby howling, and the general sounds of tricycles passing by outside. The lady who answered the call confirmed I had the right company but seemed absolutely clueless to answer any questions. She then asked me if I would leave an e-mail address! (Why?)

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Watch and earn

By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman

A WOMAN’S CELLPHONE hovers above everyone else’s heads. Another girl has found a tiny space to put out her phone: beside a shirtless dude’s armpit. In the crowded Light Rail Transit train heading for EDSA, the riders seem oblivious of the traffic below and the humidity inside the train. Almost everyone’s head is bowed over their phones.

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