Terms of engagement

Getting the edge in professional selling Terence A. Hockenhull Every salesperson knows he should be asking questions; sadly, very few drive their sales calls with effective investigation skills. Assumptions about the client’s needs are usually made and products or services are frequently presented long before there is a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. This often results in the salesperson facing a customer who is … Continue reading Terms of engagement

Asking the right questions

Getting the edge in professional selling
Terence A. Hockenhull

I DISCUSSED sales collaterals and made the point that they rarely play any significant role in winning sales. The cost of sending a salesperson out to meet with a client is significant. A client of mine told me that he had quantified the cost of a salesperson on a sales call at P1,750 — and this figure doesn’t include the commissions paid (on successful sales). Even the most beautifully printed brochures are a cheap option in comparison to an actual sales call.

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Asking questions

Getting The Edge In Professional Selling
Terence A. Hockenhull

A couple of weeks back, I suggested that there appear to be an awful lot of people who set themselves up as sales “gurus” but who know next to nothing about selling. The advice they give seems to be based on what they believe to be effective selling techniques (perhaps because they attribute their own success to using these techniques). But this usually falls far short of what might be construed to be sound, valuable, and useful advice.

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